Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 3: A New Normal

Lunch, Day 3 (with mid-morning snack)
Settling in to my new routine today. Curveball came in a string of meetings that kept me from my 10:30 snack. I had to just push through to lunch. Upside: got to enhance my gallo pinto with some banana, Cuban style... sorta. It added a little variety.

Throughout the afternoon I found it hard to concentrate, and I kept losing my train of thought. I am facing a long and growing to do list at work and at home without the energy to do it all.
I have foregone my normal exercise routine this week because I just don't know whether my body is up to it.

Some of my coworkers know I am taking the SNAP Challenge and they are very supportive. I felt safe enough to share with them because of the seriousness with which they took our organization's food drive a few months ago. One coworker shared with me her own experiences growing up on food stamps - a conversation I am grateful for and would probably not have had with her if I weren't taking the SNAP Challenge this week.

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