Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 4: An APPLE! and a letter from my Congressman

Today I woke up hungrier than than the day before. I had my muesli and went to a meeting from 9-11:30. Didn't get to have my banana until after (it was that kind of meeting). I ate lunch at noon, and fried an egg up with my gallo pinto since I was extra hungry and since I wanted to change things up a bit. The parts with the egg on it tasted ok, but the parts without the egg were not appetizing, hungry as I was. I think I have reached saturation with the gallo pinto. Maybe more sriracha will help next time.

I threw an apple and a carrot into my purse and headed out to my 1pm meeting. At 3pm I snuck out of the room because I was really zoning out. Then I tasted something new for the first time in four days: an apple. I didn't expect it to taste THAT good!

And it was the last thing I ate until 8:30 PM because I had another meeting at 5 that ran into another at 7:30...turned down three different offers of food from people so I could come home and eat my sleek.

I checked my email after dinner and found the most awesome letter from my Congressman Rep. Jim McGovern waiting for me. It is his standard letter on the Farm Bill, but it provides powerful details including his own story of taking the SNAP Challenge and how it has strengthened his resolve to fight cuts to this and other programs for the poor. I knew he was a strong advocate on this issue, so I was not surprised to receive a swift response with a clear position, but the letter spoke to me deeply with his genuine passion for this struggle. And such good timing!  It also came with an attachment. Western Mass people, write him today to see for yourself what I am talking about.  I am so glad he is on the conference committee right now to reconcile the House and Senate bills, and hopefully to fight off the SNAP cuts in the House version of the bill.

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