Sunday, November 17, 2013

Early afternoon snack

I ate lunch around 12:45, sleek and a carrot, but by 2:30 I felt really hungry and couldn't stand it anymore. I had to move my snack time up. I ate my second banana of the day because I realized the bananas will ripen too fast to spread them over seven days. I will eat my apples later in the week. I have some leftover corn flakes from the muesli and just ate about 1/2 cup dry. Very glad I invested in tea because I will rely on it to get me through to dinner.

I think part of the problem is my sleek recipe serves 4-6 and I stretched it to 7. I think the gallo pinto has a lot more per portion, so I may switch them tomorrow to get more sustenance during the day.

I will also go buy some eggs. $2.19/dozen, leaving me with $1.85 the rest of the week. 

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