Saturday, November 16, 2013

The night before.... fancy food?

Sunchokes with garlic, thyme and lemon
It's the night before the SNAP Challenge and I am eating my last meal that costs more than $1.50 for the next week. I didn't plan this one ahead. I bought some sunchokes at the Farmers' Market today and am roasting them with olive oil, garlic, thyme, and lemon zest. The rest of the meal was determined by what was in the house.  I pulled some frozen seafood out of the freezer - it seemed like such a deal at Trader Joe's a few weeks back, but would be unthinkable this week. It's going "fra diavolo" style over pasta, with a sauce made from some canned tomatoes that were in the pantry. For dessert I need to rid my house of a couple of grapefruit I bought on sale last week, so I am not tempted by them this week. I will broil them, sprinkled with anise sugar.

Total cost:

Sunchokes, 1 lb: $3.50
Frozen Seafood, $8.99
Canned Organic Tomatoes, $2.39
High fiber pasta, $2.69
Grapefruit, $2

Total: $19.57

This will be eaten by 2 people and there will probably be some leftovers. But even if you say this makes four servings (it probably won't), and substitute a cheaper protein, it would be at least twice the SNAP allocation of about $1.50 per person per meal. 

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